Working with Us

A Stress-free Alternative to Getting Your Work Done.

You can gain the benefits of an easier to use product without compromising any control or peace of mind. With Sudbury Lime, you can expect a partner in meeting your unique requirements:

  • Thorough assessment and accommodation of your needs upfront.
  • A seamless transition with consultation to optimize your use of the product.
  • Quick turnaround and reliable availability of supply.
  • Strict quality and safety protocols.

Have a specific question or inquiry regarding our service? We're happy and available to discuss your unique supply requirements. Contact us today.

A Range of Delivery Options


Reduce the need for bag lime on your worksite by ordering these lime slurry totes. They're ready to go, and easy to re-agitate when needed. Supply of an agitator or pump can be arranged.


Having an on-site Slurry Receiving System makes the most sense for high volume clients and enables you to dilute into day tanks as needed. We offer various tanker sizes depending on your needs and are available to help you put the proper equipment into place.


We can also provide turnkey solutions for your lime handling and distribution requirements.


"They are always working to better themselves and be ready – to have some insight as to what might be a needed in the future."

– Peter Larsen, Vale

"Always friendly and good on the phone. They call me back. They look after me pretty well."

– Sam Scola, Vale

"The product does what it's supposed to do. They haven't let me down in their supply or their service. They're a good bunch to work with."

– Serena Maki, First Nickel

"Every time we have to call them, they're very, very friendly on the phone and they're very fast when we need a delivery…they're just great."

– Jessica Bouillon, Vale

"Even though we didn't have a relationship with them beforehand, they were quickly able to recommend and get a product onto our site. It was done very efficiently. Somebody was available 24/7 to answer our concerns."

– William Tai, Aurico Gold

"I was very impressed. They asked about our systems and procedures to ensure it was a good fit. There were no surprises. It was a seamless switchover."

– Al Bates, Nalco