Our Lime Slurry Product

The Utmost in Quality & Ease

The benefits of lime slurry in neutralization and stabilization are clear: it's a manageable product that allows you to work more safely and effectively.

Pre-mixed. Dust-free.

Our product raises the bar in quality lime slurry by providing the finest grind available anywhere. (Where industry standards require a screen fraction of 90% passing 200 mesh, our product consistently exceeds 95%. And that's through a 325 mesh!)

MSDS Sheet

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The Benefits of a Finer Grind:

  • Slower settling rate and easier re-agitation allows for transportation and longer use.
  • Higher reactivity and accuracy for exact and efficient processes. Less product waste caused by "drowning" of calcium oxide.
  • Less wear and tear on your equipment.
  • Less tank and pipe cleaning required.
  • A more versatile product for a wider variety of possible uses (spraying, etc.)

More than a product, we provide a complete turnkey solution to make your life easier. From delivery to set-up, we provide the expert support to make using our product a stress-free, safe, and cost-effective alternative, whatever your unique challenges.

More Information:

Making the cost comparison: What's the real price of switching?

Here are some specifications to help you assess our lime slurry's ability to meet your alkalinity requirements in comparison to your existing solution:

* Slurry at 28 Percent Solids w/w As CaO As Ca(OH)2

Approximate Kg of equivalent dry product per tote:

252 Kg

332 Kg

Approximate Kg of equivalent dry product per bulk tanker:

7,805 Kg

10,297 Kg


"We even got plant tours to help us understand what was going on and get a feel for how it all worked. It was very well laid out and very clean. Our plant guys were pretty impressed."

– Michael Lo, Vale

"It's a good product. The service is great. We consistently meet our regulated targets with our treatment process thanks to the chemicals we use."

– Steve Leblanc, Vale

"The product, for us, was superior. I didn't have any reservations at all about switching, because I knew one injury would wipe out any saving when using the powdered stuff."

– Benjamin Van Drunen, HNS Environmental