Process & Facilities

Consistent Quality = Reliable Results

Our plant is one of North America's only stand-alone facilities designed specifically to transform quicklime into high calcium lime slurry at a commercial scale. Our capacity is approximately 100,000 tons per year (CaO).

Getting the Finest Grind – Here's how we do it:

High Efficiency Vertical Grinding Mill

The Vertimill VTM-150 Grinding Mill Slaker allows for longer retention and considerable recirculation of product for secondary grinding and slaking.


Gravity separates larger material for regrinding.


Centrifugal force removes remaining heavier materials and recirculates them – virtually eliminating the possibility of grit entering into product storage tanks.

Accuracy You Can Rely On

  • Our sophisticated, automated process control monitors by temperature and adjusts for varying factors, such as hard-burned limestone, that would usually affect output consistency.
  • An extremely high level of QA/QC testing – both internal and external.
  • Highly-controlled processes enable adjustment of product densities as needed.
  • Experienced operators are onsite daily to oversee conscientious housekeeping procedures and ensure quality control.

Come see it for yourself!

We welcome all potential and existing customers to tour our plant and see our operations first-hand.

Contact us now or request a courtesy call.


"We even got plant tours to help us understand what was going on and get a feel for how it all worked. It was very well laid out and very clean. Our plant guys were pretty impressed."

– Michael Lo, Vale

"It's a good product. The service is great. We consistently meet our regulated targets with our treatment process thanks to the chemicals we use."

– Steve Leblanc, Vale

"The product, for us, was superior. I didn't have any reservations at all about switching, because I knew one injury would wipe out any saving when using the powdered stuff."

– Benjamin Van Drunen, HNS Environmental